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Huseyin Demirci

Research Associate

Huseyin Demirci received his PhD degree from Marmara University (Turkey), in 2004. He has gained a long working experience as researcher on several areas, such as mathematical analysis of the security systems, genome sequencing, and bioinformatics. His main research interests include cryptology with a specific focus on design and analysis of symmetric encryption systems, lightweight and wireless security, bioinformatics, NGS data analysis and genomic privacy. Huseyin joined the Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Interdisciplinary research group, IriSC, headed by Prof. Gabriele Lenzini.

Areas of expertise

  • Applied Cryptography
  • Privacy
  • Connected vehicles
  • Online Social Networks

Research Interests

Huseyin’s research interests fall in the intersection between information privacy and security with a specific focus on security-by-design and privacy-by-design.

Academic Service


Please refer to our Publications section for the full list of Huseyin academic outcomes. Below are his latest publications.

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Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors as Physical Unclonable Identifiers in Anti-counterfeiting
Mónica P. Arenas , Hüseyin Demirci and Gabriele Lenzini
International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES)
Our paper published in the journal Machine Learning Knowledge Extraction, was selected as the cover page of Volume 4, Issue 1.
An Analysis of Cholesteric Spherical Reflector Identifiers for Object Authenticity Verification
Mónica P. Arenas , Hüseyin Demirci and Gabriele Lenzini
Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction, selected as the cover page of Volume 4, Issue 1.
Enhancing acetic acid and 5 hydroxymethyl furfural tolerance of C. saccharoperbutylacetonicum through adaptive laboratory evolution
Rafael F. Alves, Ana M. Zetty-Arenas, Huseyin Demirci, Oscar Dias, Isabel Rocha, Thiago O. Basso, Sindelia Freitas
Process Biochemistry

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