Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socio-technical Cybersecurity

Security vulnerabilities of an ICT system can hide in different communication and interaction layers, including the technical, human, and regulatory ones. Secure design systems may have technical flaws, puzzle their users, or fail to implement standards, best practices, and regulations.
IRiSC integrates methods from computer science, social sciences, and law to address such a complexity and to research how to best protect systems from cyberattacks.
By following security & privacy by design and a human & legally attentive approach to security, IRiSC researchers work cross-disciplinarily. They conduct a broad-range of research activities on cybersecurity, since they are aware that successful solutions depend on how the different perspectives are combined and harmonized.
Partners will find in IRiSC the right know-how to solve the technical, social, and regulatory challenges of real-world cybersecurity scenarios. Examples include usable secure communication solutions; privacy-preserving, compliant, ethical and trustworthy personal data processing, e.g., for genomic and biomedical data analysis; anti-counterfeiting technologies based on new unforgeable materials; and anti-ransomware software that are respectful of a company’s workflow and needs.

We are looking for industry partners interested in doing joint research with us!

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