Selective location blinding using hash chains

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Selective location blinding using hash chains

Lenzini Gabriele, Mauw Sjouke, Pang Jun
🗎 Abstract:

Location-based applications require a user’s movements and positions to provide customized services. However, location is a sensitive piece of information that should not be revealed unless strictly necessary. In this paper we propose a procedure that allows a user to control the precision in which his location information is exposed to a service provider, while allowing his location to be certified by a location verifier. Our procedure makes use of a hash chain to certify the location information in such a way that the hashes of the chain correspond to an increasing level of precision.

🖎 Authors:
Lenzini Gabriele, Mauw Sjouke, Pang Jun
🖈 Publication date:
🖅 Published in:
Proc. 19th International Workshop on Security Protocols
🖯 Reference:
G. Lenzini, S. Mauw, and J. Pang. Selective Location Blinding using Hash Chains. In B. Christianson et al., editor, Proc. 19th Security Protocols Workshop, volume 7114 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 132-141, Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 28-30 2011, Springer-Verlag

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