No more Ransomware (NoCry) – Proof of Concept FNR/POC, 2019-2021

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No more Ransomware
NoCry - Proof of Concept

No more Ransomware (NoCry) – Proof of Concept FNR/POC, 2019-2021

Cryptographic ransomware has been one of the most popular tools in recent cyberattacks. The cost of its damages was used to be measured in billions of US dollars, until a ransomware hit at a hospital in Europe and caused fatality. To contain this threat, IRiSC developed UShallNotPass, a solution which uses a cryptographic approach and controls critical resources of a computer to cripple the ransomware programs.

This proof-of-concept project provides an implementation of UShallNotPass which stops cryptographically strong ransomware variants even they are previously unseen. Experiments against real-world ransomware samples prove that UShallNotPass prevents ransomware from damaging the files and uses minimal system resources. The results show that UShallNotPass is an effective and efficient method to prevent cryptographic ransomware and suitable for a wide range of actors, including individuals, enterprises, and public institutions. 

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