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Dr Marietjie Botes

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Dr Marietjie Botes has transitioned from a 20-year career as a practising attorney in South Africa specialising in health law and biotechnology to academia where she focuses on interdisciplinary research at the intersection between science, technology, law and ethics. She graduated with a PhD in Biotechnology Law from the University of South Africa in 2017.

Marietjie’s research interests include the regulation of gene editing technologies, data ownership and commercialization from an intellectual property perspective, data governance in the context of geospatial information systems for global health emergencies, and the Ethical, Legal, Social and Technical issues around biotechnologies, including medical devices, vulnerability disclosures, and digital ethics.

In April 2021 Marietjie moved to Luxembourg where she is currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the SnT Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability Security and Trust of the University of Luxembourg.


Please refer to our Publications section for the full list of Maria’s academic outcomes. Below are her latest publications.

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Marietjie Botes
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IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy
Back to the Future with Icons and Images: “Low-Tech” to Communicate and Protect Privacy and Data
Botes Wilhelmina Maria, Arianna Rossi
Ledi Publishing
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