Legality attentive data scientists (LeADS), 2021-24

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Legality attentive data scientists

Legality attentive data scientists (LeADS), 2021-24

The emergence of data science has raised a wide range of concerns regarding its compatibility with the law, creating the need for experts who combine a deep knowledge of both data science and legal matters. The EU-funded LeADS project will train early-stage researchers to become legally attentive data scientists (LeADS), the new interdisciplinary profession aimed at addressing such need.

These scientists will be experts in both data science and law, able to maintain innovative solutions within the realm of law and help expand the legal frontiers according to innovation needs. The project will create the theoretical framework and the practical implementation template of a common language for co-processing and joint-controlling basic notions for both data scientists and jurists. LeADS will also produce a comparative and interdisciplinary lexicon.


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