European IT Law by Design

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European IT Law by Design
Master in Law
Arianna Rossi & Borce Stojkovski

European IT Law by Design

The European IT Law by Design (EITLab) is a Jean Monnet course for introducing students to the foundations of European IT Law and reflecting on the relationship between law and technology. The course will explore the current legal challenges in the IT domain, by focusing on two relevant sectors at the centre of the EU policy agenda: data protection and artificial intelligence. The EITLab will be one of the first courses in Europe to integrate into didactics the innovative method of “Legal Design”, an interdisciplinary field that combines law, sociology, technological aspects and design.


The goal of the course is to learn European IT Law fundamental notions through a practical and interdisciplinary approach.

The course aims at providing students with the following knowledge and skills:

  • The system of data protection in Europe;
  • The policy issues under discussion in the debate about artificial intelligence regulation;
  • The theoretical background and method of legal design;
  • Legal research skills (e.g. how to search for legislative, doctrinal and jurisprudential data);
  • Legal interpretative and problem-solving skills (correctly identify and frame the legal problems to solve; identify and interpret the legal provisions applicable to the same; evaluate the actual gaps of the legal framework; propose critical solutions both in a de lege lata and a de lege ferenda perspective);
  • Project-planning skills;
  • Team-work;
  • Time-management skills;
  • Communication and presentation skills;
  • Understanding, implementation and application of a) qualitative research methodologies; b) requirements methods; c) methods for generating ideas; d) prototyping methods, e) usability evaluation methods.

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