Soumia Zohra El Mestari

Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socio-technical CybersecuritySoumia Zohra El MestariDoctoral Soumia El Mestari received her Master’s degree from the Ecole Supérieure d'informatique (Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria), in 2020. Her research interests are in Machine Learning, Trust and Transparency in data-driven tools and Privacy-Preserving machine learning. Soumia joined the Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Interdisciplinary research group, IRiSC, headed by … Continued


Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socio-technical CybersecurityEmre KOCYIGITDoctoral Emre KOCYIGIT is currently pursuing a PhD in “Detection of Deceptive Online Patterns” as a member of the DECEPTICON project, funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). He particularly studies on cyber security problems using data science techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms such as Machine … Continued

Xengie Cheng Doan

Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socio-technical CybersecurityXengie Cheng DoanDoctoral Xengie’s PhD topic is part of Legality-Attentive Data Scientists (LeADS), an EU funded project, with the IRISC lab interested in improving the consent process to be more transparent, secure, and private user-centred for eHealth data sharing in the EU.   Prior to joining the lab, they … Continued