A Way Out the Ethico-Legal Maze of Social Media Data Scraping

People know that once they publish something online, such content becomes “publicly available” and can be downloaded and re-used by others, for example, researchers and data scientists. The reality is far more complicated. And for us, finding a way to comply with data protection obligations and to respect the tenets of research ethics became an … Continued

Our comments to EDPB’s Guidelines on Dark patterns

Together with the manipulation experts Rachele Carli (University of Bologna) and Cristiana Santos (University of Utrecht), we have submitted our feedback to the “Guidelines 3/2022 on Dark patterns in social media platform interfaces: How to recognise and avoid them” elaborated by the European Data Protection Board. Read our public comments.


DARK BY DESIGN: REGULATING MANIPULATION IN ONLINE ENVIRONMENTS Panel at the Conference on Computer Privacy and Data Protection 2021 Moderator: Arianna Rossi Speakers: Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Estelle Hary, Anne-Jel Hoelen, Ailo Ravna, Geoffrey Delcroix Online services are scrupulously designed to offer the best experience to their users, accommodate their needs and direct their actions towards … Continued