Arianna Rossi

Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socio-technical Cybersecurity

Arianna Rossi

Research Associate

Arianna received a joint international Doctoral Degree in Law, Science and Technology from the University of Bologna and a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg, in 2019. She joined the Applied Security and Information Assurance research group, APSIA, headed by Prof. Peter Y.A. Ryan. She will be working on indicators of privacy and security, reporting to Dr Gabriele Lenzini.

Areas of expertise

  • Legal Design
  • Legal Informatics
  • GDPR

Research Interests

Arianna’s research interests include Legal design, Design for compliance, and Visual communication of aspects concerning data protection and security.


Please refer to our Publications section for the full list of Ariana’s academic outcomes. Below are her latest publications.

Campus Office

JFK Building, E02-220
29, avenue JF Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg


(+352) 46 66 44 5791


(+352) 46 66 44 35791

Making the Case for Evidence-based Standardization of Data Privacy and Data Protection Visual Indicators
Rossi Arianna, Lenzini Gabriele
Journal of Open Access to Law (JOAL)
What’s in an Icon? Promises and Pitfalls of Data Protection Iconography
Rossi Arianna, Palmirani Monica
Data Protection and Privacy: Data Protection and Democracy (2020)
Proactive Legal Design: Embedding Values in the Design of Legal Artefacts
Rossi Arianna, Haapio Helena
22nd International Legal Infomatics Symposium IRIS 2019
Legal Design Patterns: Towards A New Language for Legal Information Design
Rossi Arianna, Ducato Rossana, Haapio Helena, Passera Stefania
22nd International Legal Infomatics Symposium IRIS 2019
When Design Met Law: Design Patterns for Information Transparency
Rossi Arianna, Ducato Rossana, Haapio Helena, Passera Stefania
Droit de la Consommation

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