Adaptive Trust Management

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Adaptive Trust Management

Seigneur Jean-Marc, Lenzini Gabriele, Hulsebosch Bob
🗎 Abstract:

Chapter 8 of this book has explained how computational trust and reputation can be used to select the trustworthy pieces of software among the plethora of pieces of software emerging from this dynamic self-organising software world as envisioned in this book. This chapter goes beyond mere initial static selection of pieces of software because over time the situation changes and previously trustworthy configuration of pieces of software may become untrustworthy. In this chapter, an approach for adaptive trust management, meaning that the trust algorithms adapt automatically themselves depending on the context, is explained and examplified in the domain of context-aware authentication applications.

🖎 Authors:
Seigneur Jean-Marc, Lenzini Gabriele, Hulsebosch Bob
🖈 Publication date:
🖅 Published in:
Self-Organizing Software - From Natural to Artificial Adaptation
🖯 Reference:
Seigneur, J. M., Lenzini, G., & Hulsebosch, B. (2011). Adaptive trust management. In Self-Organising Software (pp. 379-403). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

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