Light on dark patterns

Light on Dark Patterns


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” – Dark Patterns have invaded interfaces to influence users, who, far from always resisting, sometimes behave paradoxically in front of them. And the role of UX designers in this dilemma? After an introduction on Darks Patterns, we will talk about the culprits! Is it the UX Designer who designs the interfaces by implementing the requirements of their employer and client? Is it the organization or company whose economic survival depends on conversion rates, user retention and collected data? Or is it the user himself who acts against his own interest because he wants certain products or information even at the cost of his privacy? Playing devil’s advocate for these stakeholders, this conference aims to establish a common ground to respect each other’s interests. To conclude, I will give you an overview of potential strategies to counter Dark Patterns: what legal and educational measures, technical solutions and design recommendations to implement so that light is shed!

Discover the script of Dr. Kerstin Bongard-Blanchy’s talk during the FLUPA UX Days 2021 (in French).


a dark graphic pattern
A dark pattern, photo by Toni Tan on Unsplash