José Miguel Lopez Becerra

José Miguel Lopez Becerra

Research Associate

José received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Luxembourg in 2019.

During his Ph.D. studies, he worked mostly on the password-based authenticated key-exchange problem, supervised by Prof. Peter Ryan and Dr. Dimiter Ostrev. Since May 2019, he is working on the problem of object-authentication using (optical) physical unclonable functions (PUF’s), under the supervision of Dr. Gabriele Lenzini.

Areas of expertise

  • Cryptography
  • PAKEs
  • PUFs

Research Interests

Currently, José is working on the problem of object-authentication using shells of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals (ChLCs), supervised by Dr. Gabriele Lenzini. This is a joint project between the Physics and Materials Science Research Unit and the SnT, from the University of Luxembourg. When solidified, shells of ChLCs reflect light creating patters which we believe are unique and unpredictable.

Thus, ChLCs shells could be introduced as a new kind of (optical) PUF’s and be used in the fundamental problem of object authentication.


Please refer to Jose’s homepage or check our Publications section.

Campus Office

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